Traveller: My 3rd Imperium – Character Creation

Character Creation (WIP)

The basic system in Classic gives too few skills for my taste and everyone is an admiral. The advanced version gives too many skills for me so re-jigging Classic a bit to get something in the middle.



Str, Dex, End, Int, Edu, Soc

roll 5 x 2D6

Edu is min(Int, Soc) at character creation, (treat Edu as applied Int)(later max Edu = Int+2)


  • 1s to 2, 6s to 5


Soc of 11 or 12 is family Soc, player starts as rolled Soc-1, mark as 11(10) or 12(11), first Soc+1 clears
Soc 11, Knight -> “Sir”, right to bear arms (sword and pistol)
Soc 12, Banneret -> “Sir”, as above plus bodyguard allowed right to bear arms and knight’s fee




Service Status is in order:

  • navy
  • marine
  • army
  • merchants
  • scouts
  • other

no draft, can attempt to enlist with one service and if fail then try any of lower status, can’t attempt lower status and then try higher status, “Other” enlistment is always successful


Service Bonus Stats

The stats which if 8+ give DM+2 for a particular service’s rolls.

  • Navy: Edu & Soc
  • Marines: Str & Int
  • Army: End & Int
  • Merchants: Edu & Int
  • Scouts: Dex & Edu
  • Other: Dex & Int


  • Navy: 9+
  • Marines: 8+
  • Army: 7+
  • Merchants: 7+
  • Scouts: 9+
  • Other: 2+


Basic Training

Skills given on enlistment at skill-0

  • Navy: vacc suit, steward
  • Marines: vacc suit, weapon
  • Army: driver, weapon
  • Merchants: vacc suit, steward
  • Scouts: JoT(space)
  • Other: driver, brawling



roll 7+ using service stats as DMs

if fail roll again, if fail again character dies else roll D6 and lose 1 pt from that stat (counting left to right)

if lose Soc then dishonorable discharge, player choice either player did it or injustice

if succeed then +1 skill choice



NCO promotion if not commissioned yet or commissioned promotion if already commissioned.

Promoted if beat survival roll by +3

promotion = +1 skill choice

(scout promotion = commendation, other promotion = reputation)



if promoted and not commissioned yet then roll for commision

roll 9+ (plus DMs from service stats)

commission = +1 skill


if not promoted then muster out


Skill Tables

Change Stat increase options to

  • “Phys” = raise one of Str, Dex, End by 1
  • “Ment” = raise Int or Edu by 1

So Personal Dev Tables

  • Navy, Merchants, Scouts: 2 x Phys, 2 x Mentat
  • Scouts: 2 x Phys, 2 x Mentat
  • Marines, Army: 2 x Phys, 2 x Mentat
  • Other: 2 x Phys, 1 x Mentat










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