Traveller: My 3I: Tech Level

Tech Levels

My 3rd Imperium is more of a Silk Road Empire i.e. ribbons of civilization through space connecting the advanced systems with mysterious shadows to either side of the light. I think this feel requires a lower standard jump capability of around J3. So the Imperial tech standard is TL12 and J3 is the max jump.

The core Imperial worlds may extend into experimental TL13 plus they have Ancients tech of higher TL but those items are the “magic” items of the setting.

The Darrians are TL15 but hide it. (The Darrians are actually guarding a warp gate that leads to another plane where the main Darrian civilization is based.)

As this is an Imperium setting the TL is quasi-universal i.e. all the worlds and colonies that are part of the 3I are partially TL12 in that a lot of critical tech like power supply and habitats are TL12 except in most cases it’s imported and often second hand and spare parts are imported. The TL listed will be an indication of how gravpunk the system is.

Systems with a native population which are isolated from the 3I trade network will have the industrial ability indicated by the TL but will also have some imported TL12.


The primary divisions in tech (partly decided on for the purpose of analyzing govt. types in the UPP stats) are

  • low tech (5-) pre industrial revolution
  • mid tech (6-8) post industrial revolution
  • high tech (9+) space


nb this means systems with higher tech levels in the canon data are assumed to be TL12 but a bit ahead of other systems in one or more areas so

  • TL12 = TL 12
  • TL13 = TL12+
  • TL14 = TL12++
  • TL15 = TL12+++


Tech Levels

The main difference with canon is making J1 start at 10 as I wanted a clear break where 08 is rockets and 09 is the big break through with fusion and grav leading to m-drives and systems being fully colonized before interstellar. Part of that is m-drives and j-drives are staggered i.e. the first M-Drives are TL09 and the first J-Drives TL10.

  • 00 stone age pre-agriculture
  • 01 stone age post agriculture
  • 02 bronze age
  • 03 iron age
  • 04 medieval
  • 05 muskets
  • 06 rifles
  • 07 bombers
  • 08 rockets
  • 09 solar system
  • 10 Jump – pioneer Interstellar
  • 11 Early Interstellar
  • 12 Mature Interstellar – new normal
Power Source
  • 06 Coal
  • 07 Oil
  • 08 Nuclear
  • 09 Fusion
  • 09 Grav, M-Drive (A, B, C, D)
  • 10 J-Drive(A, B, C, D), M-Drive (E, F, G, H)
  • 11 J-Drive(E, F, G, H), M-Drive (J, K)
  • 12 J-Drive(J, K), M-Drive (L, M, N)
Weapons & Armor
  • TL6: rifle
  • TL7: auto-rifle, flak jacket
  • TL8: kinetic weapons, cloth, mesh
  • TL9: laser weapons
  • TL10: combat armor, reflec
  • TL11:
  • TL12: plasma weapons, battle dress


  • flak jacket: heavy armor, partial ballistic cloth
  • cloth: heavy armor, lighter full body ballistic cloth, good vs kinetic, less good vs lasers
  • mesh: light armor, light version of cloth reinforced with internal mesh
  • combat armor: heavy armor, cloth with improved laser resistance
  • reflec: light armor, mesh with improved laser resistance

no TL distinction between laser carbine and rifle

  • carbine: shorter, shorter ranged, more powerful – for shipboard actions
  • rifle: longer, longer ranged, less damage


  • standard civilian = kinetic weapons, cloth or mesh
  • standard military = lasers, combat armor or reflec
  • elite military = plasma, battle dress


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