Traveller: Early Vilani: Task System

Early Vilani: Task System

Attribute Die Modifiers

Attributes provide a DM for all skills associated with an attribute e.g. engineering is associated with Int.

Attributes range from 2-12 with an average of 7 and the DMs are +/- 1 per point above/below 7 so an attribute of 8 gives DM+1 on all skills related to that attribute, an attribute value of 12 gives a DM+5, an attribute value of 5 gives a DM-2.


Task System

Roll 2D6.

Untrained target number: 12

Trained target number: 8

(Trained is defined as Skill-0.)

Each skill rank is DM+2

Example: a character who has Stat-9 and Skill-2 would have a DM+6 and therefore would always succeed at standard tasks under normal conditions.

Normal conditions would be defined as not needing any positive DMs apart from character ability.

“Normal conditions” for a rifleman might be with good visibility always hitting a stationary man-sized target at medium range. Conditions deviating from this would impose negative DMs.

“Normal conditions” for a ship’s engineer might be stable flying conditions, good power supply, fully equipped with tools and spare parts, good lighting etc i.e. normal working conditions.

Chargen should be designed to produce characters who are competent to that degree in at least one skill.



Where appropriate a character with skill ranks in a skill may manage up to their skill rank in assistants. The assistants roll their task roll first and if they succeed they add DM+1 to the main task.


A character with Engineering-2 has two assistants, one with Int 8, Engineering-0 and the other with Int 10 but no Engineering skill . The two assistants roll first. The first assistant needs 7+ (trained target number of 8+ with a DM+1 for their Int attribute) and the second needs 9+ (untrained target number of 12+ with a DM+3 for their Int attribute). Each success gains a DM+1 to the lead engineer’s roll.


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