Traveller: Early Vilani: Spacers

Early Vilani: Spacers

Vilani colonization is focused on type A worlds with some type B if they are close to Vland or at important jump route junctions where there are no type A. The many mining and other extraction colonies on less habitable planets generally operate on the basis of contract workers living on nearby worlds being jumped in to work for four months and then back home for two on a repeated cycle.

Colonies and stations too far away from a habitable planet can have permanent settlements: belter colonies for instance dug into asteroids or station colonies living in gas giant refueling stations.

Some Vilani living in these conditions are born with Spacer syndrome.

Spacers tend have an elongated skull with exaggerated forehead and narrow chin, very pale, small and slim with thin bones. They are noticably odd looking and non space-faring Vilani are often a little uncomfortable around them. Space-going Vilani are used to them.


Char Gen

Roll 2D6 for str, dex, end, int, soc as per normal except Spacer str, dex and end are limited to 6 not 10. Excess points can be spent on Int and Edu, raising physical stats up to 6 *or* put towards psionic abilities, 1 point per rank in one area of psionics.

Spacer Vilani don’t get the Vilani End+1 bonus.

Spacers have a max. Soc of 8.

Example: player rolls, 6, 10, 10, 3, – , 4. Dex and End are reduced to 6 each giving 8 bonus points. Int 3 is raised to 5. This gives 6 6 6 5 – 4 which sets Edu to 4 with 8 points to spend.

The player might decide to put all 8 points into psionic ranks creating a not too bright rather wild psyker or 7 points into Int and Edu to create a useful crew member and 1 point into 1 rank of psionic abiliy or somewhere in between.

666544 Psi8 or 666884 Psi1 or 666774 Psi4 etc


Spacer psionics is effected by high natural gravity. On a world with natural gravity between 0.6g and 1.2g any psionic skill rank is reduced by 1. In natural gravity above 1.2g their psionic abilities don’t work at all.


Spacers get a DM-1 reaction from non Spacer Vilani unless they are known to them. They get a DM+1 reaction from other Spacers.


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