Fantasy: Combat Styles

If I want an RPG fight to feel like a movie fight that begs the question which movie? The **feel** of the combat style in a particular game would need to emulate the **feel** of the combat style in the particular movie genre it seeks to emulate. This leads to the idea that the combat mechanic should be tailored to the combat style of the genre of the setting. So what distinct styles are there?

Knightly (Robin & Marian) (slow, heavy and grinding with fatigue as a resource)

Sword & Sorcery (Conan) (fast and furious, agile, bodies dropping like flies)

Dark Ages (13th Warrior) (mix of first two)

Swashbuckling (Three Musketeers) (style and panache as a mechanic)

Balletic (Seven Samurai) (almost rock, paper, scissors. winner lives)

Fantasy Balletic (Crouching Tiger) (same as balletic with added flying)

Spellsword (Jedi) (same as fantasy balletic with added spells)


Looking at the list you realize it’s basically a list of **armor** fighting styles. If you’re wearing plate then you fight a particular way. If you’re wearing mail then you fight like this etc. So although one option is to write genre-specific combat rules another option *might* be to have armor specific combat styles. These would automatically map onto the genres simply through the armor they wear.


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