Traveller: General Ideas

General Ideas

from around

Scout/Small Ships

1) movable partition walls -> 4 x cramped state rooms, 2 x okay size, 1 x large

2) TV walls – programmable electronic wallpaper

3) ambient sounds

4) hitch hikers

5) scout couples – even families

6) scout service report database – updated at star port, search on a planet for fugitives, missing persons, anomalies etc




In Classic Traveller, Marines gain cutlass skill at basic training. This makes no sense but going with it for the sake of argument you could say that’s how they train vacc suit and zero-g combat. Marine ships and bases have zero-g training courts like squash courts with a viewing platform for spectators that involves dueling with cutlasses – bouts are a bit like jousting as contestants have to push off surfaces and strike as they pass.

This could then have turned into a major sport.



Jack of All Trades

Could treat JoT as a natural talent for a related set of skills. Characters pick one when they get it and it gives the equivalent of rank-0 in that set of skills.


  • JoT (repair)
  • JoT (melee)
  • JoT (ranged)
  • JoT (animals)
  • JoT(starship) (imtu scouts are get trained with this at basic but in reality are selected on the basis of having this as a latent natural talent)

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