Traveller: Adventure Ideas

Adventure Ideas

As they come

1) Tiger Hunt

Players on a backwater planet after doing some favor for a local Prince (maybe just bringing some trade goods for example) get invited to take part in a Tiger hunt. The transport is the local equivalent of elephants and the prey is the local equivalent of tiger. The elephants have armored drapes protecting them but the Prince’s elephant’s armor is sabotaged (either allows tiger inside under elephant’s legs leading to panic or through falling off taking the Prince’s howdah to the ground). Players need to save the Prince and then find the culprit.

2) Artist

Remote, corrosive atmosphere, fluid ocean, (could be prison planet: Glisten/Mithras?) – reclusive artist in residence in some abandoned rock tower / research / lighthouse type building collects fluid from rock pools at low tide and uses it in a form of hitech glass blowing to create famous and valuable art. An art collector too far down the waiting list is in a hurry and wants one stolen or agent wants news – artist hostage of dudes planning prison break? Sealed tower has submersible entrance maybe, environmental hazards, weird critters, maybe a prison break involved – mini trek through dangerous terrain followed by mini dungeon followed by main scene and escape.

3) Magnificent Seven

Think Galaxy Quest. System under attack from pirates / renegades / bandits. Player ship attacked and crash lands. Wrecked colonial cruiser on ground. Players can get cruiser partly working with parts from their ship – no jump, 1G, some weapons etc. Pacifist natives can make up bulk of crew but need players to direct. Bk 2 ship battles with Vargr corsairs or something.

4) Space Janitors

Contracted to travel through a number of systems performing maintenance on navigation satellites. Come across satellite warning of a gravity rip-tide out of position with physical damage – repairing it find organic material like blood, (Byakhee crashed into it – hurt – smashed it.) Byakhee dropped onto planet nearest original position to heal up. Blood analysis triggers open anomaly report with a significant bounty.



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