Traveller: My 3I: History

My 3rd Imperium: History


Official 3rd Imperium History

The Traveller 3rd Imperium setting has an official history with the players starting in year 1105.

which says the 3I has been running the Spinward Marches for c. 700 years. This is too long for the feel I want.

My Alternate Timeline

In my Traveller universe I’m saying it took the 3I longer to expand, roughly an average of 50 years per sub-sector in any direction so as Vincennes in Deneb is c. 16 sub-sectors away from the core say it took c. 800 years to get to the edge of the Spinward Marches.

800: edge of Spinward Marches

850: Mora

900: Trin’s Veil, Rhylanor and Lunion

950: Glisten, Lanth, parts of Regina and Aramis – Jewell seeks 3I protectorate.

1000: Vilis, Regina – Jewell associate

1050: Five Sisters

In progress: building up Aramis, Vilis, Five Sisters, improving route to Five Sisters, Jewell, diplomacy District 268

So Mora has been part of the 3I for c. 250 years, Glisten c. 150, Vilis c. 100 years, Five Sisters c. 50 years – much more frontiery.

Population Sizes

The systems in Spinward could have been colonized by

  • the Ancients: humans, modified humans or others
  • the Vilani
  • Second Imperium
  • Third Imperium

so large populations aren’t surprising. The Marches are the 3I’s frontier but they are not frontier in the sense of being undeveloped.

Also in between the big empires, alpha systems may have risen and fallen creating their own pocket empires for a time so there cab be ruins everywhere.

Frontier Wars

In the official history there have been a number of Frontier wars with the Zhodani mostly revolving around Jewell

  • two in the 600s
  • one in the 900s
  • two more in 1080 and 1107

In my alternative time line the first three are bumped up and the second two stay the same

  • the first three involved escalating skirmishes in the 950s with the Jewell cluster’s own fleet itself being the largest force
  • well planned major Zhodani attack 1080
  • 5th Frontier war incoming

Player Start

any of

1065: second survey

1082-1084: 4th Frontier War

1085 to 1104: a bit less impending war (but potential for salvage, lost ships, spy stuff etc)

1105: standard start, big war incoming

or even way back 800-900 when the Imperium’s border was still in Deneb.


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