Traveller: My 3I: Jump Handwavium

 Jump Drive Handwavium

Apparently the standard jump space handwavium is the wormhole idea of warping space-time so two points become adjacent i.e. creating a mini black hole in the ship but some say this isn’t possible because of super heating and stuff.


Alternative Jump Handwavium

based on in particular

  • Extra massive hydrogen clouds: The spectral lines of the Lyman-alpha forest suggest that hydrogen clouds are more clumped together at certain scales than expected and, like dark flow, may indicate that gravity falls off slower than inverse-squared at certain distance scales.[31]
  • Power: Proposed extra dimensions could explain why the gravity force is so weak

nb i’m not saying this is plausible science just that it sound sciency and I don’t think it can be categorically disproved yet which is scientific enough for me 🙂


The underlying idea is gravity is actually a 5D force and what we experience is just its 4D manifestation.

Two points in 2D make a line but if you change your view to look directly along the line then the two points become one point.

So two points may be distinct in 4D space – start and end – but if you jump into 5D space you can create a view where the two points are aligned in 5D space and then simply come out at the destination.

This process could be instantaneous – identical to psionic teleporting – but (handwavium) at current tech levels the jump calculations can only be solved for a minimum amount of time which happens to be roughly a week.

(Implying jump may potentially become faster at some higher tech level – up to almost instantaneous like the Tardis.)

So imtu psionic teleportation works the same way except they can do it instinctively and thus instantaneously.

Cthulhu creature also use the same method for space travel (Byakhee), interdimensional travel (Hounds of Tindalos) and even time travel (Great Race of Yith).


Pretty darn good handwavium imo.


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