Traveller: World Stats: General Rules of Thumb

World Stats: General Rules of Thumb


Bad Atmosphere + Low Tech

– could be aliens or modified humans


– originally higher TL colony that has since decayed


Okay world stats but only midpop and midtech

If native population and okay world stats why not high pop?

World has been held back for some reason.

Harsh World
  • may be harsh world but not in the world stats e.g. tide-locked world with limited land space
  • often domed along equators
  • often truck stop worlds especially from time when jump limited to J1 or J2
  • apparently c. 70% red dwarf stars could be like this
Missing Link
  • planet population is held back by tech level
  • tech level is held back by lack of a critical component like wood, coal or metal
  • component could have been used up before a collapse (natives ate the ladder on the way up)


High Pop + Low Tech (Native)

How is high pop fed with low tech = opportunity for exotic syfy explanation

  • specially adapted native alien
  • specially adapted bio-engineered human
  • automated legacy tech from previous (or same) colonization (Morlocks)
  • abundant food
  • if world not balkanized need exotic explanation


High Pop + Low/Mid Tech + Prime Planet

Why didn’t tech develop?

  • vital resource missing
  • religion culture
  • recovering from disaster
  • anomalies


Mid Pop + High Tech + Prime Atmosphere (Native)

Native “Elf” society.

Assume high tech is only reachable with high pop but after high pop + high tech is achieved some cultures allow their pop to decline to achieve ideal state where tech > pop.

This kind of society has high longevity, low reproduction and focuses tech on health.

Decadent “Dark Elf” versions.


Sub-sector Capitals

– if the capital is not the alpha system then the cluster was possibly incorporated by force and the local alpha is still hostile. The new capital was deliberately built up as an alternative power center (cf Alexandria)

– if capital is the same as the alpha then the cluster was incorporated peacefully


Sub-sectors without an alpha system

– the original alpha may have been trashed during conquest


Naval Bases

– military numbers are generally separate from world population


Robots, Automation and Genetic Engineering

vary by world stats


hipop & hitech

A system like this might either have

1) no robots for social reasons

2) lots of robots and lots of slums

the choice of which related to govt type and law level

lopop & hitech

could be lots of robots, automation or genetically modified critters

lopop & midtech

gravpunk version of above using imported hitech in combination with lower tech. for example land battleships with the weight supported by imported grav plates but the propulsion coming from steam or wind or solar or propellers etc.

lopop & extreme environment & bad atmosphere

industrial robots


Gravpunk Worlds

many midtech worlds are steampunk / dieselpunk / gravpunk with bits of second hand imported hitech used in combination with lower tech e.g. steamgravs.


Spinward Examples

Possibilities based on stats.

Regina/Pixie: Massive border naval base. Orbital station and planetary facilities but not on main world. Main world has low population prison.

Aramis/Paya: low pop A star port designated colony system

Aramis/Aramis: low pop A star port, capital, designated colony system

Aramis/Aramanx: ex alpha planet damaged in Imperial conquest

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