Traveller: Multiple Colonizations

Multiple Colonizations


Example (using 3I history)

  • Planet A has a native sentient species
  • Colonized by Ancients who seed with Vargr and use them as hunting dogs for sport hunting the
  • Ancients disappear, Vargr devolve and become primitive “natives” on best land, original natives
    survive on marginal terrain
  • Vilani colonize – Vilani humans dominate both previous natives
  • Vilani collapse, Vilani colonists lose high tech advantage and get pushed off continents by Vargr to islands
  • RoM colonists, take over main island of surviving Vilani, interbreed, ignore smaller Vilani
  • RoM colonists push into main continents dominating Vargr and original natives in the areas they
  • RoM collapse leads to stalemate, RoM colonists can only produce mid-tech on planet so other
    groups close the gap
  • 3I colony arrives, takes over main island of RoM/Vilani and rebuild spaceport


End Result

  • original natives in marginal terrain on the continents
  • Vargr turned native over half the continents away from coast
  • RoM/Vilani turned native with a vargr underclass on the half of the continents near the coasts
  • Vilani turned native on various small islands
  • 3I and RoM/Vilani on the main spaceport island with 3I dominant.
  • ruins everywhere: native&ancients, Vargr, Vilani, RoM etc


I might create a tabular system for generating results like this sometime.

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