Traveller: Bestiary


General page for stuff about critters.


Earth Domesticates

simple list to go through on a planet to imagine what local alternatives there might be

cats – vermin control, companion
dogs – hunting, companion
chickens – meat and eggs
sheep – meat and clothing
pigs – meat
cows/goats – milk and meat
horse/oxen – riding, racing, carrying, pulling
hawks – hunting


Sentients From Traveller Animal Creation System

If the native sentient evolved from an animal then creating  a random animal and trying to figure out why it would be sentient can help imagine a world nb first level of sentient here is just apes, dolphins, ants etc

  • if nothing higher the sentient will be top of the local food chain
  • sentience from social complexity – social animal – language
  • sentience from tool using
  • omnivores


Terrain Type

Take the world stats and decide which terrain type from the book to use.

  • pick wet, dry or sea if world stats indicate that
  • on standard world pick according to mood or D6 1-2 wet, 3-4 dry, 5-6 sea



  • 1-6: river valley, clear, forest, jungle, marsh, swamp, special
  • special: 1-2 chasm, 3-4 gorge 5-6 caves/ruins


  • 1-6 desert, badlands, prairie, foothills, mountain, special
  • special: 1-2 crater 3-4 gorge 5-6 caves/ruins


  • 1-6: bottom, depths, shallows, surface, coast, special
  • special D6: 1-2 coral, 3-4 sargasso, 5-6 underwater caverns/structure

note the type and size DMs


Critter Base Type

  • D6: 1 scavenger, 2-4 herbivore, 5, omnivore, 6 carnivore

Use the base type and the type DM from the terrain table to get the actual type from the book’s animal type table

  • Gatherer, Chaser, Grazer etc


Animal Tables

  • roll on the Animal “Attributes”, “Size”, “Weapon”, “Armor” and “Characteristics” tables

if the end result doesn’t kick start the imagination, try again.



  • neutral sentient needed
  • world phys stats 646
  • treating atmos 4 as earth-like in the barren land / lively sea phase points at the sea table
  • roll Sargasso for terrain (type-4, size-2)
  • roll omnivore for base type
  • roll eater for actual type (DM-4)
  • roll triphibian on attributes (size-6)
  • roll size 3 (DM-8) for 6 kg
  • claws
  • no armor
  • attributes A1 F9 S1

the attack on 1+ doesn’t fit the already rolled neutral sentient so make critter an extremely aggressive and voracious triphibian piranha however for some reason they don’t trigger on human scent (unless it is masked somehow…)

if evolved on the sargasso then need giant floating islands of it with these highly social creatures nesting inside the mats like maritime Meerkats – with Piranha like tendencies.

Triphibian but don’t really fly so much as leap and glide to catch jumping fish, birds etc.


Potential Aliens / Critters

List of critters from Traveller, other games or sci fi art that might make good sentient or weird science species,



  • critters
  • native sentient (ape-like)
  • hunter gatherer
  • special (farmer upwards)
  • weird science



  • vargr, aslan (good hunter gatherer candidates)
  • droyn (cthulhu worshipers)
  • hiver, k’kree (don’t like much – maybe like more as non star faring)
  • darrian (bit bland)
  • solomani, zhodani (could also be factions from same home world)



  • animal: shantak, byakhee
  • sentient: cthonian, shoggoths
  • hunter gatherer: deep ones, tcho tcho, night gaunts
  • special: elder things, mi-go, great race, star spawn (illithid), flying polyp, serpent men
  • weird science1: formless spawn, servitor, dim. shambler, star vampire, hound of tindalos
  • weird science2: color out of space, flame vampire, hunting horror
  • no?: ghouls, ghasts, moon beast, dark young
  • jump space: tsathaqqua, ithaqua, yog-sothoth, shub-niggurath, azathoth, hastur, chaugnr faugn

possible terra formers

  • volcanic phase / ice worlds: chtonians (encourage eruptions, earthquakes)
  • trace / very thin atmosphere with water: deep ones (microbial mat farming)
  • trace/ very thin / thin atmosphere: tcho tcho (stromatalite farming)

interstellar/vaccuum encounters

  • Byakhee (hune acts like m-drive handwavium)



lots of great critters

  • salu/acubon, bronth, woffen, crugar, tologra
  • blount, cleash, corastin, croid, ramian, scarmis, shantha, thivin, thriddle
  • beagre, bochigon, corondon, crill, dichandra, dreglamon, duradon, durlig
  • farg, giggit, grey mandare, harns, losht pods, pibber, scrade, scragger
  • slutch, talmaron, tarro, thombo, vintch, vodra, white mandare, lothern


 Warhammer 40K

  • korunus bestiary for Rogue Trader – particularly flora, fauna, xenos **generators**


Fantasy Creatures

  • chaos, mutants, beastmen, orcs, skaven, dwarves, elves, halflings
  • giant rats, giant spiders, ants, apes, bear, dinosaurs
  • ogres, giants, trolls
  • harpies, manticores, griffons, pegasi, hippogriff
  • dryads, treemen
  • banshee, demons, spirits, vampires, basilisk, blink dog
  • dragons , hydras, wyvern
  • etc

pick up any fantasy book and flick pages


Star Frontiers

  • Yazirians  (space monkeys)
  • Vrusk (insectoid)
  • Dralasites (playdoh)


Star Wars

  • wookies
  • ewoks


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