Traveller: Character Stats

Character Stats

Various things connected to character stats – some may not apply in all settings.


Genetic Screening

Say physical stats below a certain minimum value x represent fixable medical conditions then an optional rule could be

minimum pstats = min (x, home world TL-5, Soc)

minimum Int = min (x, home world TL-6, Soc)

where min() means take the lowest of the three values

and pstats = Str, Dex and End

if the minimum value was set at 7 then

  • a character from a TL10 home world and Soc 6 would have minimum pstats of min (7, 5, 6) or 5 and minimum Int 4
  • a character from a TL12 home world and soc 8 would have minimum pstats of min (7, 7, 8) or 7 and minimum Int 6

so basically if the home world has the tech then Soc determines minimum physical stats – assumed to be the result of gene treatment – up to a value of x


You could go for the full transhuman thing and increase the value of  x above 7 but 7 is fine for me.


Medical Repair

Stats that are reduced during the game can be repaired on high tech worlds in the same way up to

  • pstats: min (x, planet TL-6)
  • int: min (x, planet TL-7)

so if x is set to 7 then

  • a TL12 world could repair pstats up to min (7, 6) or 6 and Int up to 5
  • a TL15 world could repair pstats up to min (7, 9) or 7 and Int up to min (7, 8) or also 7


  • pstats 100K per point
  • int 200K per point


Max Edu

max Edu = Int

  • a character with Int 7, Edu 7 would need to raise Int to 8 before raising Edu to 8

max starting Edu = min (Int, Soc)

  • a character with Int 8 and Soc 4 would have a max starting Edu of 4
  • a character with Int 4 and Soc 8 would also have a max starting Edu of 4


Max Skill Ranks

max skill ranks = highest stat + lowest stat

skill-0 and skill-1 count as 1 rank, skill-2 as 2 ranks etc

character with UPP 777777 would have max skill ranks of 14 which could be:

  • 14 x skill-0 or skill-1
  • 4 x skill-2 and 6 x skill-1
  • 2 x skill-3, 2 x skill-2, 4 x skill-1
  • or any combination that adds up to 14


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