Traveller: My 3I: Belters: Maccoils

Belters: The Maccoils

IMTU wherever a mining operation can make a good profit a corporation will move in and take it but there are many places where there isn’t a good profit but there is a reasonable living for the sort of people who prefer a lot of freedom and here you find belters.

IMTU there are three kinds of Belter
– solo operators
– free companies: solo operators grouped up for security and operating by a rough democratic code of rules similar to ancient earth pirate crews or mercenary companies (both of which they occasionally sideline in)
– clan belters: large extended families of Belters who operate small flotillas of rag tag vessels


The Maccoils are a clan belter family of around 100+ family members who operate in the small coreward cluster of Glisten moving more or less on a whim between the eight systems connected to Ffudn by J1.

Their flotilla comprises:

1) type C cruiser converted to home + basic smelter
– M drives removed and replaced with D giving J1 and 1G
– fuel reduced to 100, 90 for ship, 10 for the smelter
– 4 cutters, 3 x mining, 1 x passenger
– 8 turrets
– smelter 100 dton
– 2 x ore bays 100 dton each
– (one bay filled, processed, transferred to second bay)
– 25 SR – roughly 6 families, doubling up
– (clan belter family c. 8 people, parents, grandparents, 4-6 kids)
– 22 dtons spare – nursery, distillery, supplies etc

2) type R converted to main home
– low berths removed
– 4 turrets
– 4 launches
– 32 SR – c. 8 families mostly doubling up
– 40 dtons main dining and communal area, bar, kitchen etc
– 31 dtons cargo
– (people from ship 1 work and sleep on 1 but hang out on 2)

3) 2 x standard Seekers

4) type A Free Trader
– 20 low berths removed
– launch added
– 10 SR – c. 2 families
– 82 dtons cargo hold

The flotilla mostly travels together except when the Free Trader takes the ore to sell or one of the seekers is away looking for a new pitch.


Incidents or rumors of incidents involving the Maccoils

940: Whiskers Maccoil died without teaching navigation to a replacement leading to the hijack of Free Trader Quenya and the kidnap of their navigator. Release negotiated by the Scouts and two Maccoils served twenty years each at Mithras.

992: Suspected piracy after disappearance of solo Belter in Centry.

1015: Ahab Maccoil charged with the illegal supply of distilled liquor, Ffudn.

1042: Suspected piracy, Far Trader, Caledonia.

1085: Cantina gunfight on Bendor over a Maccoil feud with the Macabeens one of the two clan belter families who work the rimward cluster in Glisten over an unpaid dowry for an arranged marriage ending in two Maccoils, four Maccabeens and six bystanders wounded or killed.


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