Traveller ATU: Early Colonization: Setting Aim

Early Colonization: Setting Aim

The aim of this setting is a frontier campaign rather than an exploration campaign so it’s not about the first scout ships leaving the home world but a time after colonization has been going on for a while but not long enough for the colonies to develop major cities, industry fleets etc so it has a more Firefly type feel.


Desired End Result

The end result of the random world generation for early colonization should be something like:

  • settlement colonies: usually standard atmos, pop 0-5, low level manufacturing ability, reliant on home world for their tech
  • supply colonies: refueling colonies along the route to settlement colonies
  • secondary colonies: research, terra forming, exotic resource extraction, penal, religious, military etc (settlement and supply colonies may develop separate secondary sub-colonies)
  • native sentient life: common on standard and dense atmospheres, uncommon on thin and rare otherwise
  • sentience level: monkey/dolphin/ant level intelligence common, hunter gatherer uncommon, special rare
  • weird science sentient life: unnatural creatures (on both habitable and uninhabitable worlds) – rare
  • anomalies: weird science anomalies – uncommon,  Cthulhu Mythos anomalies – rare

monkey/dolphin/ant sentience level = mda level

hunter gatherer level = hg level

sentience level “special” = farmer upwards


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