Traveller ATU: Early Colonization: Character Stats

Early Colonization: Character Stats

see “Traveller Character Stuff” category


Genetic Screening

minimum physical stats = min (7, home world TL-5, Soc)


minimum int = min (7, home world TL-6, Soc)

in this setting the home world is TL10 so that reduces to min (5, Soc) and min (4, Soc)


  • minimum value for str, dex, end = min (5, Soc)
  • minimum value for int = min (4, Soc)



max Edu = Int

max starting Edu = min (Int, Soc)

so a character with Int 8, Soc 4 would have a max starting Edu of 4


Max Skill Ranks

max skill ranks = highest stat + lowest stat

skill-0 and skill-1 count as 1 rank, skill-2 as 2 ranks etc

character with UPP 777777 would have max skill ranks of 14 which could be:

  • 14 x skill-0 or skill-1
  • 4 x skill-2 and 6 x skill-1
  • 2 x skill-3, 2 x skill-2, 4 x skill-1
  • or any combination that adds up to 14



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