Traveller Character Skills

Character Skills

Changes to the base skills



four categories: melee, guns, lasers, hvy wpns

when a character has a skill rank in a category they pick one weapon as their preferred type of that category (they are assumed to practice with that one most) but they are assumed to have one rank less skill in all weapons of that category

  • a character with Blade-1 is assumed to have skill-0 with all other melee weapons
  • a character with Rifle-2 is assumed to have skill-1 with all other slug weapons
  • a character with laser rifle-3 is assumed to have skill-2 with other energy weapons

simplifies character sheet



A skill rank in a specific vehicle confers skill in other vehicles at one skill rank lower

  • ATV-1 gives Raft-0 for free
  • Raft-1 gives ATV-0 for free

simplifies character sheet



Taken to be mean skilled in a particular type of electronic equipment.

Pick one of [computer / comms / sensors / drones / robotics] etc

Assume one skill rank less in the others

  • a character with sensors-1 has skill-0 in comms, computer, drones, robotics etc


Name Changes

  • Mechanical -> Mechanic
  • Electronics -> Technican
  • Broker -> Trader



  • survival
  • wrangler (animal handling)
  • science (not realistic but i like minimal character sheets)



  • forgery requires streetwise
  • bribery requires streetwise or trader


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