I’ve been researching this a bit for myself and thought i’d write my conclusions – partly so i don’t forget and partly in case it’s useful for anyone else.

A lot of people would say many ailments are a natural part of getting older and that’s true but one reason is fixable i.e. they say as you get older your intestine absorbs less of the nutrients in foods so you could be eating the same as you always did but now because of the lesser absorption you’re getting less of something that you need.

So, if you’re feeling right then don’t worry about it but if you’re feeling off in some way it might be to do with this absorption issue and if it is then you can potentially fix it by specifically supplementing whatever you’re deficient in

In my case it was metabolism / fatigue / foggy head.


The metabolism works in two stages: the first stage is the body creates something called T4 which it keeps as a kind of store and the second stage is the T4 is converted to something called T3 for actual use in the cells.

  • the first stage needs iodine
  • the second stage needs selenium and zinc

(plus the stuff that’s used in everything like vitamin D)

so if you have an issue with metabolism / tiredness / foggy headed that you didn’t used to have then the sequence that seems to be working for me is…


1) if you’re feeling okay don’t worry about it – whatever you’re eating is working.

2) remove negatives – this means eating less of the foods that are pumped full of sugar syrup (which is almost everything that has been processed) plus anything you might be allergic to

3) use the internet to figure out what specifically you might be deficient in and eat more of whatever foods has that thing

4) in my case it was iodine and selenium/zinc and maybe vitamin D

5) iodine is from the sea so seafood is the best answer there – alternatively something like cod liver oil. for my experimenting i used tincture of iodine (just dab a bit on the skin in the morning)

6) there are lots of excellent exotic sources of zinc/selenium but i wanted something simple and both eggs and oats are a decent source of both. i’m not an athlete so i’m not worried about getting it perfect – just enough to make sure i’m not deficient

7) if your body feels there’s no need for a high metabolism then it won’t produce one but your body is an idiot so you can fool it into doing so with burst exercise (aka HIIT exercise). the idea here is to try and make yourself breathless as fast as possible c. 20 mins every two days

you’re basically fooling your body into thinking you’re being chased by a lion. you can feel the metabolic effect for hours afterwards.


for me and metabolism this all boils down to

1) iodine: if you live somewhere where you have easy access to fresh seaweed or fish then eat that every three days or so (unused iodine is only stored for 2-3 days) – if you don’t have easy access to fresh seafood then tincture of iodine or cod liver oil

2) selenium/zinc: eggs and/or oats for breakfast suits me – they have around 30-50% of the recommended daily dose (not the instant oats that’s full of sugar)(also if boiled/poached eggs make you constipated switch to ommelettes or scrambled)

3) vitamin D3: get some sun every day (but not enough to burn) e.g. when you make a cup of tea/coffee drink it outside. if you live in northern latitudes or in winter you won’t get much UV but you’ll get some.

4) burst exercise every two days – nb you’re not trying to burn calories here; it’s all about getting your heart rate up for 10-20 minutes to trick your body into increasing your base metabolic rate

everyone is different but this seems to work for me

nb if this works for you, you should feel it quite quickly. if you don’t then there’s maybe a different problem.