Sector Maps

Just a convenient spot to put any pdf sector maps generated with the tools.


Spinward Sector Trade Map

Spinward OTU data overlaid with my trade route adjustments


color code:

  • purple: primary routes (prime system to prime system)
  • dark green: secondary routes
  • light green: Imperium subsidized routes mainly to build up the frontier
  • others: non-Imperium

nb. green routes that connect to purple routes are both green and purple so have dual trade nature, part big ship universe and part small ship universe


note to self: need to redo trade route colors as there should be three cases:

  • hinterland routes (primary system to the systems in their hinterland)
  • primary route only (route joining two primary systems not part of a hinterland)
  • combined (hinterland route which is also a primary route)

the reason being that each route type would have a different mixture of ships so you know the “scenery” of a system wherever the players decide to go (and ultimately to provide the foundation for a mixed big ship vs small ship universe with the purple routes being big ship and the green routes small shop)


ATU Early Colonization Map

alternative traveller universe early colonization map using Vland sub-sector’s base data for convenience


color code:

  • all green as all early colonization and only one prime planet
  • amber system: unusual passive exotic threat of some kind
  • red system: unusual active exotic threat either being actively quarantined or actively fought in some way e.g. naval quarantine or active navy/marine bug hunt

starport code:

  • A: home world
  • B (with navy base symbol) established colonies (oldest/largest with self government)
  • B (with scout base symbol) newer colonies (colonial service)
  • C: fuel stops along routes to colonies
  • D: remote colonies, mostly research stations
  • E: minimal scout or colonial service refueling stations for remote colonies (possibly automated)
  • X: nothing

naval base in this context is a small compound with some admin, maintenance and refueling facilities and up to a platoon of marines maybe, 100 or so personnel, plus an orbiting colonial cruiser (c. 1200 dtons, crew 30+). full maintenance and spare parts only on home world.

colonies with a navy base will also have some kind of scout and/or colonial service facility but slightly separate


on reflection an early colonization map might be better with home world in the center of a home sub-sector with an inner ring of subsectors and an outer ring like:


O I I I  O




and then take one linear slice as the campaign setting so H I O with

  • the Homeworld sub-sector containing the home world and established colonies (more corporate intrigue)
  • the Inner sub-sector being more frontier with newer colonies (Firefly)
  • the Outer sub-sector still being explored (more Star Trek)



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